Toh Min Yi

My First Skool @ Bishan Blk 236 St 22 (BS2)

Toh Min Yi
7 Oct 2020

Making eco-enzyme

The Playgroup, Nursery, K1 and K2 children were introduced to eco-enzyme to inculcate and raise awareness in sustainability. They were aware of food wastage in Singapore and has a better understanding of how waste can be reduced by turning into something useful (eco-enzyme) in this project.

They were provided with various fruit peels and leftover fruits (guava, jackfruit, orange, watermelon, melon and pomelo) that were sourced from fruit juice stalls and explored with the different scents and textures before deciding within their own group the fruit peel of their choice. They took turns to to add brown sugar, fruit peels and water. The eco-enzyme is awaiting to be fermented and meanwhile, stirring and comparing of scents are done on a regular basis.

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