Kimberly Tan Xing Yi

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol Shore (EY)

Kimberly Tan Xing Yi
6 Oct 2020

Making ‘Our Green City’ Art Sculpture - Our Green City Finale!

Using materials from our fruitful collection drive, the children embarked on an art project to contribute to our final art sculpture showcase. We engaged the help of parents to work on creating an item each for our sculpture. The children were tasked to create things such as buildings, landmarks or vehicles that could reflect the landscape in Singapore.

Here’s what they did at home! 

Hard at work with their parents!

Additionally, in school, we worked on some more elements that would spruce up our green city sculpture to make it look more realistic and here’s our final product!

We brought the children around to see the fruits of their labour and how everything looked atthe end together with all the classes’ contributions.

In all, the children enjoyed the whole process of learning about the 3Rs and going through the meaningful activities. They now have a better understanding of the kmportance of recycling and learned new ways of reusing old materials through this project.

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