Elisse Adrianne Hilario Regala

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang Central Blk 270 (CC)

Elisse Adrianne Hilario Regala
25 Apr 2022

Loving the Earth, loving people

This year is a special year for all of the children in PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang Central 270 as all of us pledged to join and engage in Start Small Dream Big Project. Teachers from Playgroup, Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 opened the Start Small Dream Big during the Earth Day, 22 April 2021.

The children learned about Start Small Dream Big and Earth Day. They learned that people and children alike can help save the Earth. They learned on ways to save the Earth such as loving the Earth, helping to make the environment clean, throwing rubbish in the bin, and learning how to recycle.After learning about Earth Day, the children created posters on how to show love and care for the Earth. All of the children pledged to show their love and care for the Earth. They brought home art and craft kit on making the Earth on a paper plate and coloured paper. The children did the activity with their parents. The children and parents were encouraged to share pictures of children doing the activity.

One of the activities the children started is to collect bottles for the plant that the children wanted to grow in class. The children designed their own pots using the different lines and colours that they have learned from their art lessons.

The children started their gardening journey. The children were very excited to grow their own plants.Children in the class started to vote for plant that the class will be doing. The children were very excited to choose the seed that they will plant. The Playgroup children planted lettuce seeds.The Nursery 1 children planted tomato seeds. The N2 children grew watermelon seeds.The Kindergarten 1 children grew lettuce seeds. The Kindergarten 2 children grew some watermelon seeds.

The children watered and grew the plants daily. The children documented the process of the plant’s growth. After 2 weeks, the children brought home their plants. They were very excited to grow their plants at home.

The children also learned how to grow plants from plant parts. The children grew a small money plant from the big money plant from school. Each class grew the money plant. When asked, the children shared that they wanted to donate the money plant to the elderlies in Pacific Health Care.

To continue, the children learned about Pacific Health Care and how important activity centres are for the elderlies. They learned that seniors need care, love, and support too!

For the upcoming Grandparents’ day, the children prepared some art and crafts for them. Each class prepared an art and craft.

The toddler children created a 2-d flower using flower template, crayons, and coloured paper. The children are very happy while doing the activity.

The Nursery 1 children did a bouquet of flowers that they have dabbed using paint. It was very beautiful!

The Nursery 2 children did a pop-up Happy Grandparent’s day Card to show their love to the seniors!

The kindergarten 1 children created a bouquet of daffodil flowers for the Elderly! It can surely bright their day up!

The Kindergarten 2 children created a flower card for the elderly and wrote their own words for the elderly.

The children were very excited to pass the art and craft to the elderly. We are also excited to see their faces as they receive a money plant and an art and craft.

The Pandemic has lowered down the spirit of some, but good deeds can indeed boost and make all the difference! The children created encouragement posters for the elderlies. We do hope that we can make them smile and encourage them in this season.

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