Catherine Tan

Pentecost Methodist Church Kindergarten

Catherine Tan
5 Aug

Loving Our Country - Appreciating Migrant Workers

This year Pentecost Methodist Church Kindergarten celebrated Singapore’s birthday collectively with the Christian Preschool Alliance echoing the message “Loving our Country” which coincides with our “Start Small Dream Big” project.

Our pupils learned about Singapore’s past and present, thankful for the nation we live in.

They recognize the hard labour of our Samsui women in the past and the current migrant workers in helping Singapore evolve from a fishing port to a beautiful city. Hence, we embarked on this project to appreciate our migrant workers.

We noticed a road widening work being carried out near our school in Pasir Ris Drive 6 and took the opportunity to create awareness in our children of the work of migrant workers. They get to see how when the roads are widened, we will enjoy smooth traffic flow!

K1 Faith (am) pupils did a huge “Thank You” card and presented each migrant worker with a box of pastries to express appreciation for their contributions to our nation.

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