Eileen's Learning Centre Pte Ltd (Elfa Tampines)

6 Jul

Love in the time of Covid-19\. A Big Thank You to our Cleaning Heroes and Heroines!

Our Kindergarten Ones and Twos are proud to participate in this meaningful project this year!

The title of our SSDB project “Love in the time of Covid-19. A Big Thank You to our Cleaning Heroes & Heroines!”

We wish to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all our Cleaning Heroes and Heroines for keeping our community clean and safe! Our Cleaning Heroes and Heroines have put in great effort and work tirelessly during this challenging period of Covid-19. We hope that this project will gain an insight for the children and they will be able to show empathy and appreciation towards our wonderful community helpers!

For the upcoming months, we will have various interesting activities to engage children and parents to show their love and appreciation to all Cleaning Heroes and Heroines.

Our amazing students are proud to present you with our SSDB launch videos! 

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