Ong Whye Lin Diana

Sembawang (SW)

Ong Whye Lin Diana
8 Sep 2017

Love Gaia. Be Aware. Lend a Hand.

Stage 1 : Awareness

The children went on a learning journey to Singapore Science Center to understand the movement of earth’s tectonic plates, see exhibits on tsunami, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It was fun experiencing the effects of earthquake in a simulated environment, weighing the weight of rocks in the mantle layer. 

In the later part of the project, we went on another learning journey to the Singapore Botanical Gardens to understand the beauty and fragility of our local biodiversity and the immediate need to protect our natural environment. 

Stage 2: Exploration

Back at school, during Discovery of the World lessons, we explore deeper into the 4 layers of the Earth. Resources includes books, discussions on videos on these natural disasters, using KWL chart to document their learning.

Stage 3 : Acquisition

Experiments were done to have hands on experience of volcanic eruption, using lego blocks to build and test structures that can withstand earthquakes and doing experiment on effects of tsunamis.

Stage 4: Application

The children were then asked how can they lend a hand to protect Gaia (Mother Nature) especially victims of natural disasters . To help children understand better , we discussed and decided to contextualised learning in Singapore.

The children discussed and shared ideas how and what they could do to help. These were represented in words and illustrations. Some had their drawings commissioned into art pieces. 

To further lend a hand, we decided to raise funds for disadvantaged families in Singapore. With input from our Parent Support Group and the other parents, the children embarked on many acts of services. Our parents endorsed their children’s efforts through generous donations. 

Another was to have children donate their pre-loved items to Red Shield , the social enterprise arm of The Singapore Salvation Army . 


The children’s learning have extended beyond to a global perspective . It was heartwarming to see them living our school’s core values of:

  • respect by embracing differences 

  • family by valuing family and team spirit 

  • integrity by doing the right thing to help our community

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