Jilcy Sanjay

Milagros de Montessori School @ Queen’s Close

Jilcy Sanjay
28 Apr 2021

Little Hands at Work!

One of the core values of Milagros de Montessori School is respect! Teaching children to be respectful towards elders and the world around them has become a necessity of our times. As an act of love and respect towards the elderly of Sree Narayana Mission, we decided to raise funds just like we did in the previous year.

This year, our SSDB journey is going to be more than one project. We will carry out the projects in 2 phases. The first phase was the “SSDB Kick Off” on Earth day! Our children made Earth Day projects to spread awareness to save the Earth! 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) was our theme for Earth Day. Our school has decided to make the 3Rs a way of life! While Milagros has always welcomed pre-loved storybooks from parents in the past, we thought of consolidating these donated books and setting up a Book Sale for a meaningful cause. We also put up some soft toys for sale!

The response was overwhelming - our parents displayed an immense amount of support. They purchased the pre-loved books and made donations in addition to the listed price of $1, $2 or $3. We collected almost $500 with the generosity of parents, staff and the school. It was a small initiative, but it really went a long way. As the SSDB slogan goes, we couldn’t do everything, but we could do something!

Through this project, I am glad that we could instil in our children, a sense of compassion towards those who are less fortunate than us. They have also learnt the value of used items - items we use don’t necessarily have to be brand new all the time! When we make reusing a way of life, we are not only protecting our planet but also learning to live within our means.

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