Soh Lay Choo

PCS @ Ang Mo Kio Child Care Centre

Soh Lay Choo
11 Sep 2018

Little Crafters of PCS AMK - Start small dream big 2018

“ How can you save the environment ?” A question asked by the teacher to the K2 children of PCS AMK.

“ Recycle the plastic in your home”

“ Do not waste water”.

Children shared lots of ideas that allows them to brainstorm what project they would do for the president’s Challenge. The class decided to make use of recycled materials such as newspaper , plastic bottles , tissues boxes which the parents gladly supported.

Teacher Beatriz discussed what they needed to do and informed the children they will sell the crafts they made to help the people in need. Their eyes widened and looked excited for the challenge which gave them motivation to create their artwork.

It took 3 months to create and collect all the artwork they make as a team. Children keep asking “ when are we selling the artworks ?”

Children started to give out flyers to parents before the big day “ please support us on 7 September “! They happily voiced out as they gave the flyers to each parent to inform them about the project they are having.

The big day come and teacher hang the artworks and pictures showing the children’s working. Parents greatly supported the children by buying their artworks and listening to what the children shared about the project.

We are happy for such great support coming from all parents , teachers and principal. It was a successful day indeed and the amount collected from selling the artwork will be donated to charity organization “ Daughters of tomorrow”.

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