Huzaimah Binte Zakariah

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton

Huzaimah Binte Zakariah
22 Jun

Let's Be Eco-istic!

Kiddiwinkie @ Newton has embarked on our SSDB project titled, “Let’s Be Eco-istic!” in the month of June. The children were introduced to the topic of plastic awareness, how much plastic is used in Singapore itself as well as how too much plastic is affecting the environment. Apart from that, they were also introduced to recycling where they learned how trash is sorted out into the different materials – paper, plastic, metal and glass.

 The children were also brought to participate in activities that cultivates their awareness and care for the environment such as creating posters to discourage the use of plastics, having a pretend play session at the supermarket where they were encouraged to use reusable bags as they shopped.

It was also brought to the children’s attention that plastic pollution has also contributed to the harm of marine life. Our little ones participated in an “ocean cleaning” activity where they were tasked to help clear all the plastic rubbish from the water to ensure that the fishes, dolphins, sharks, turtles and crabs can have a happy home in the ocean. Apart from that, they also did some plastic upcycling crafts where they reused plastic packaging to make their favourite sea creatures!

The older children did an experiment where they buried various materials, including plastic, in soil and observe the changes that happens to the materials over time. As we all know that plastics do not biodegrade, therefore this experiment was to emphasize to the children how plastic products contributes to waste and how it is a big problem in the world now.

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