Lian Xiaowei Marie

Learning Vision @ Changi Business Park II

Lian Xiaowei Marie
28 Oct

Learning Vision @ Changi Business Park II: Food Fiesta to Make Someone's Day 2020

The children participated in the Food Fiesta as part of a fund raising campaign. This year’s theme was “Singapore Traditional Food” which gave the children and their families a chance to sample the uniqueness of different traditional foods from Singapore.

With this event, the children learned to be contributing members of the community.

Prior to the actual event, the children displayed entrepreneurship skills as they carried out various roles in the online selling of their food products such as creation of marketing posters and advertising videos to promote their products.

They also participated in cookery sessions to prepare their chosen food items.

With their delicious products ready for distribution, they proudly posed for the cameras.

As an annual tradition in Learning Vision @ CBP II, the children went all out once again to make someone’s day!

The school then teamed-up with Changi General hospital to “give back” to our modern day heroes in this time of COVID-19 — the nurses!

Half of the funds raised from the Food Fiesta were used to purchase food items which the children, themselves, chose by applying their previous learning on healthy food. The children lovingly packed the items, too!

As a culminating activity, the children met up with the nation’s beloved heroes through a livestream session. Here, they personally expressed their sincere appreciation. At the same time, they interviewed the nurses about their work and how they are coping with the demanding situation. The nurses were very happy to address the children’s questions.

To our dear Frontliners — A big THANK YOU!!

And thank you, children of Learning Vision @ Changi Business Park II! Continue with your journey in making the community a part of your success!

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