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MindChamps PreSchool @ Yio Chu Kang

MindChamps @Yio Chu Kang
21 Jul 2021

Learning pets' needs and behaviour, and ways to take care of them!

Having displayed a great level of enthusiasm and passion towards watching, playing, and caring for pets, our Champs brought in photos of their pets for a Show and Tell session. They shared their experiences taking care of their pets. Their friends listened eagerly and asked many questions too! 

Our Champs also had a discussion on what pets need. They could share that pets need to eat food, shower, get vaccinated, drink water, loving owners, etc. Our teachers brought in materials and resources for our Champs to explore and learn more about pets. Toy pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits, were brought in for Champs to role play what it is like to take care of pets. They groomed, walked, injected, fed, and did check-ups for the pets!  

They also learned that cats should be kept indoors and thus, simulation should be set up at home to keep the cats entertain. The Champs were intrigued and eager to experience playing like a cat! They even pretended to be cats by scratching poles and catching feathers from the feather stick, while their friends pretended to be their owners and try their best to entertain their little cats! This led on to their interest in designing their own playgrounds and homes for their pets to play and live in. It was interesting to watch their creativity process as they placed tunnels and various 3D structures for their pets as obstacles courses or hiding spots.  

In addition, our Champs also documented their learning in their SSDB book! This would allow them to refer and reinforce their learning when they read it again.  

Lastly, we filmed a promotional video to promote our fundraising for Causes for Animals Singapore! We will be selling canvas tote bags designed by Champs, in effort to raise funds for the animals in need.

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