Little Footprints Preschool (AMK)

17 May 2018

Learning Journey to Science Centre - Butterfly Upclose Exhibit 🦋

🦋 Do you know the difference between a moth and butterfly?

🐛 Do you know why pupaes are typically green?

Our Champs from Little Footprints AMK had a fun learning experience at the Butterflies Upclose Exhibit at the Science Centre. Not only did they learn fun facts about butterflies, they also visited the butterfly enclosure which allowed the children to literally get upclose with the butterflies.

We signed up for the guided tour for the children to learn more about butterflies in terms of caring for them and conserving them. The children also had a chance to ask our guide, Milo, lots of questions such as “ Why do butterflies get killed?”, “ How can we save butterflies?”, “How long does it take for a caterpillar to become a butterfly?” and so on.

Look at Loewe, Ashlyn, Timeus and Heng Le, our brave Kindergarteners holding the stick insect. The stick insect was a good example for the children to understand about how insects camouflage to hide from predators in the wild. Typically, pupaes are also green for the same reason.

Our tour ended in the butterfly enclosure where the children watched our fragile friends fluttering around us. The children watched a video on saving butterflies and how to rear, breed and care for them. We also watched butterflies feeding on fruits which were placed around.  Fruits and nectar attract butterflies and make yummy food for them. That sure is something new that we learnt and intend to do in our school garden as well in the hope to attract butterflies. 

One thing for sure, the SSDB hat sure attracted lots of butterflies. Look at Layton, our Kindergartener blushing when he found out that a butterfly was on his hat. What a flutter-filled and fun learning experience it was for all of us 🌺🦋🌼🐛🌻

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