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22 Jun 2019

Learning Journey to Kok Fah Technology Farm

In conjunction to our theme on Healthy Eating, the N2, K1, K2 children visited to the Kok Fah Technology Farm and participated in the Potting of Microgreens Workshop on 30th April 2019.

They were given the opportunity to go out of urban and embraced by Mother Nature. During the trip, they learn and understand the growth method used for different vegetables & fruits. They discovered the important elements needed for plants growth. The children also get to enjoy freshly harvested Salad Greens.

After touring the Green House, the children have taken part in the Potting of Microgreens session.

At the end of the day, their DIY Microgreens Kits were given to the children for them to grow at home to experience the process of growing and harvesting the vegetables themselves.

Throughout this learning journey, children got the opportunity to be engaged in activities that allow them to use their sensory (Sight, Feel, Taste and Smell).

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