Tan Pei Qi

MOE Kindergarten @ Westwood

Tan Pei Qi
2 Jul

Launching into “A Clean SG”

Clean up,

Everybody clean up, clean up.

Everybody clean up, clean up.

Everybody clean up.

Time to clean up!

This is what you would hear in our classrooms most of the time, reminding the children to pack their toys, keep their classrooms neat and tidy.

What’s next? A Clean SIngapore!

MK@Westwood is one step nearer to playing our part for the environment by introducing why and how to keep Singapore clean. With the launch party from 8th to 12th June 2020, classes learnt to appreciate our cleaners who help to keep spaces in Singapore clean.

The children worked in groups to come up with various posters to promote the cause they believe in - A Clean SG!

K1s may be younger, but don’t underestimate their ability to think for the greater good!

So dirty!!! No! We don’t want to live here!

The process of designing Clean SG posters..

Some of our posters..

Next week, we’ll be learning more about clean campaigns!

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