E-Bridge Pre-School (116 Rivervale Drive)

25 Jun 2020

Launch Day @ E-Bridge 116A Rivervale Drive

Our K1 Peaceful Hearts held our SSDB launch party on the 22nd June 2020. Our project theme for this year is ‘Connecting Differences through Art’ as we would like to encourage inclusiveness and accepting differences as unique individuals through ways such as using arts. Through these, we would also like to show kindness and compassion.

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 we were not able to do the launch party with the rest of the school. However, as part of the launch party, the K1 children created the banner together. To represent inclusivity, the children traced out their hand and decorated it before cutting it out. They took turns to complete the banner as a class such as filling up the letters using thumbprints and pasting the letters. Lastly, the K1 children added their signatures to the banner as a pledge to be accepting and inclusive to everyone at all time.

Prior to the launch party, we started the project and invited parents to do some activities at home with their children during the circuit breaker. To further facilitate the children in understanding the possible challenges that some people around us may face; such as people who are visually handicapped. Children experienced painting or drawing while being blindfolded. Parents facilitated this activity and uploaded the photos and children’s thoughts onto a website we created.

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