Sydelle Tay Yu Ling (Zheng Yuling)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kembangan-Chai Chee Blk 326 (KN)

Sydelle Tay Yu Ling (Zheng Yuling)
29 Mar

KU326 "Little Minds, With Caring Hearts": #5- SSDB Project Showcase

Our center had our SSDB Project Showcase on Saturday, 18th September 2021 through zoom.

The project showcase allow us to share with parents the activities that we have done with the children over the 5 months.

At the start, the parents and children took part in dance along to the SSDB mascot theme song, ‘care hugs’ by care bear

Each child was given a terrarium pack to be brought home. They had a potted plant, soil, stones and decoratives included in the pack.

During the zoom sessin, the teachers took the lead in teaching and guiding the children in creating their terrarium as part of showing care to the environment. This allows the children to learn to show care not just to the family and community but also to the environment.

Parents were encourage to do this together with the children as a parent-child bonding activity. The children were able to see their peers over zoom and have fun watching each other make their own terrarium.

At the end of the session children were ask to introduce the name of the terrarium and show the terrarium on camera.

Parents shared pictures and wefie of the children participating in the terrarium making.

To show appreciation to the children’s terrarium creation, the N1 and N2 children received prizes for the most creative terrarium.

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