Chong Jialing

Skool4kidz, Sembawang East Creek

Chong Jialing
8 Sep 2021

Kindness to the Environment - We can recycle!

In this activity, the children talked about how they can recycle items. Some of them mentioned about the blue bins they see around their house area. Through the discussions, the class had decided to create a “recycling centre” in the centre! They are going to collect items from home and sort them accordingly in the recycling bins they have made. 

The children need to: 

  1. Create their recycling bag 

  2. Create the recycling bins

  3. Return to school with items collected from home in their reycling bag

  4. Sort them into the correct “bins”! 

1. The children created their recycling bags by using newspaper and paint. They even personalized their bags by drawing their name cards. 

2. Next, the children decorated the recycling bins that they will using to sort the items collected from home. 

  1. A letter was given to the children for them to assist their child in collecting items from home that can be recycled. The children returned to school the following weeks with their recycled bags filled! 
  1. Lastly, the children start sorting their items to the correct bins - “plastic”, “paper” and “metal”. Some of the children were unsure for certain items they brought and their peers helped them in sorting it. 

The k1 children had completed their reycling exercise! 

We are thankful for the parents’ help in helping their child to collect items from home and also guiding them at the same time. Some children shared that their daddies and mummies told them it should be in paper… / plastic etc. We hope that children will continue to keep this practice by making good use of the recycling bin in the neighbourhood :)

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