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10 Aug 2021

Kindness meets no limit: The Finale

Finale — people say that finale means ending. An ending to a story. An ending to a journey. But in our K2 class, our SSDB finale only means the ‘beginning’. A beginning to a beautiful partnership. A beginning to an unstoppable spread of kindness towards oneself and of neighbour.

My kids and I, together with the entire Carpe Diem Toh Yi family brainstormed of creative ideas on how we can raise funds to show our love, kindness and gratitude towards the beneficiaries of Club Rainbow. During this process, we realised that extending help should also begin to people near and dear to us. We looked around our neighbourhood and we found that our community cleaners are unsung heroes. They work day and night, rain or shine to maintain the cleanliness of our sorroundings. However not much gratitude is shown to them.

Will all those in mind and heart, we thought of raising funds through a project called “Sharing Bag Project”.

This aims to raise funds through monetary donations from parents, children and teachers, so we can purchase basic sanitary items that our community cleaners need like gloves, sanitizers, masks and also some food and drinks. We also wanted to give them shopping vouchers so they can shop for their other needs.

This project also aims to raise monetary funds that we can donate to the beneficiaries of Club Rainbow Singapore to help them in their day to day operations.

Our project started with our children creating a poster and video that encouraged people to donate. We also sent out letters to parents about our project. Our initial goal was just to raise $600.00 but as we say kindness meets no limit, thus at the end of everything we raised about $2400.00 Hooray!

$2000 went to our community partner, Club Rainbow Singapore. And $400 were used to purchase ‘Sharing Bags’ for our community cleaners which our kids packed for by themselves.

To show gratitude to our donors, our children painted pebbles that we called “Rock of Gratitude” to give out to each donor.

To conclude and celebrate our SSDB activity, we had a virtual session with our parents and Club Rainbow Singapore representative and we also invited our community cleaners to receive our donations.

All these are just the beginning to a ripple of kindness amongst all of us.

Let nothing hinder and limit kindness! 

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