Seri Diana Binte Abdul Wahab

Sunflower Preschool @ Bedok Central

Seri Diana Binte Abdul Wahab
1 Oct 2021

Kindness in Action - Finale

We have finally come to the end of our SSDB journey for the year 2021. Before the final event was launched, our children worked hard to make sure that we had enough merchandise to sell for our fundraising event. Not only do we have the N2s, K1s and the K2s involved in the project, but the younger ones were also included in our merchandise preparation. It was an inter-school event that included every one of all ages.

K1 & K2 children making coasters for the fundraising.

N2 children using clay to make their note-stand.

The N2s were involved in another recycling activity where they made their paper with recycled paper. The children tore some recycled paper into small pieces and soaked it in water before pouring the pulp onto the screen to make paper. 

Once the paper was dried, the younger children from PG and N1 coloured the paper with food colouring. With the coloured recycled paper, the teachers made bookmarks. 

By September, we were ready to launch our fundraising event! The merchandise was sold to all our parents at $5 each. Many of our generous parents donated more than the amount we have asked for. 

The children and their parents wrote well-wishes for the Children’s Cancer Foundation and they pasted their cards on the board. 

At the end of our fundraising event, we were able to collect a total amount of $1350 for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Without the generosity of our parents and dedication from our teachers and children, our SSDB project wouldn’t be a success! 

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


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