Susyanti Anggrayni Binte Sunaryo

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Jurong Spring Blk 455 (CC)

Susyanti Anggrayni Binte Sunaryo
15 Oct

Kindness: Caring for our family and friends

Our theme for this year’s Start Small Dream Big project is Kindness towards our family. Our centre has been encouraging children to practice using “kind words” and “kind acts” towards their friends in schools. Hence, children have prior knowledge on what kindness is all about. We have decided to build on their knowledge by asking them to show it towards their family members. 

Due to the Circuit Breaker in April, we were not able to conduct our soft launch but children were encouraged to complete the “Kindness Calendar”. This also help children to demonstrate empathy and gratitude towards their family members. 

When we returned back to school in Phase 1, children brought back their completed ‘Kindness Calendar’ and express how they felt when doing the activity. We also did a recap on “What is Kindness?” and “How can we show kindness towards our friends and family members?” For example, giving mummy a hug, keep the toys after we play, say ‘I love you!’, help mummy and daddy. After the discussion, children wrote down the Kindness promise and we hung it on our Kindness Tree. 

Children also did the Kindness activity provided by The Kindness Movement. This helps the children to understand and identify what are kind acts and what are unkind acts. 

Due to Covid-19, our ‘Parent’s Day 2020’ was done via the Parents Portal. On July 30th, we celebrated ‘Parent’s Day’. Children created crafts to show their gratitude for their parents and did a small performance which was pre-recorded and uploaded on Parents Portal.

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