Siti Aishah Binti Rosely

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kembangan-Chai Chee Blk 341 (CC)

Siti Aishah Binti Rosely
15 May 2018

Kindness Begins With Me!

On the 13th of April 2018, K1s and K2s from Kembangan Chai Chee Blk 341 held their virtual launch party in school.

The virtual launch started with an introduction by Teacher Celine on what ‘Start Small Dream Big’ is all about and the project that we will be embarking on - Kindness Begins With Me!

Children discussed the different ways they can be kind to one another - play together, help mummy clean the house, share my toys etc. To get children to think deeper on kindness, teachers prepared a series of videos for children on the topic of kindness. Popcorn were also prepared for children to enjoy while they watch.

Children shared on what they had just watched and made a kindness pledge together.

I pledge to myself, on this very day, to be kind in every way. To every person, big or small, I wi help them if they fall. When I love myself and others too, that is the best that I can do!

Children then created a “kindness collage” where they wrote a kind deed and handprinted their hand with paint.


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