Evonne Stanley

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Novena Pte Ltd

Evonne Stanley
29 Aug 2017

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Novena Start Small Dream Big Campaign (Carnival)

This year, Kiddiwinkie Novena embarked on the “Start Small Dream Big Campaign” organised by ECDA. It was a learning experience for both children and teachers. As part of the campaign the centre chose to create a carnival where they could collect funds for “ Causes for Animals” and help the animals with shelter and food. The children and teachers of each class came together and they thought of ideas for their class stalls. There were food, games and prizes! The best part of it all, the children were a big part of it all, they tried to promote their stalls to other classes.

The children each had a booklet, depending on the number of coupons they purchased. The parents were very generous and they wanted to do their part in helping the animals. As the children went around to play the games, the stall holders would cross the coupons out.

After an eventful day full of laughter and joy, we contacted “Causes for Animals” to share with them the good news that we had accumulated a total of $1200 for them. They were very pleased and they came down personally to congratulate the school and present a certificate of appreciation!

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