Nithiyaa Jogalu

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Novena Pte Ltd

Nithiyaa Jogalu
23 Jun 2019

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse Novena  'Appreciation Day for our Everyday Heroes'

On the 17th March 2019, the Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 children of Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse Novena stopped by Velocity shopping mall to show their gratitude to the cleaning staff and security guards who worked there.

The excited Kindergarten 1 and 2 children partnered up to present their unique handmade cards and delicious rice krispies snack as a heartfelt token to them. As the children of Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse Novena presented their gifts, they said ‘Thank you for your hard work’ and gave a big smile to each staff. They also posed with each cleaning and security staff of Velocity and a group photo was taken as a momento of the happy day! Thereafter, they waved goodbye to the staff and proceeded back to school.

Prior to the visit, children spent over two days to prepare for the big day! On Day 1, each child creatively designed a card using markers and coloured paper. Day 2, a cookery session was conducted by Teacher Nithiyaa. Each child took turns to assist Teacher Nithiyaa to scoop the butter and marshmallow crème onto the pan. They also assisted with the mixing of the crème and rice krispies together. One child stirred the crème while the other scooped the rice krispies into the mixing bowl. After that, the mixture was left to cool in square shaped Tupperware containers and was placed in the refrigerator to be chilled. Day 3, Teacher Nithiyaa assisted the children to cut the rice krispies into small rectangles, Thereafter, the Kindergarten 2 children helped with the packing and decorating of the gift bag. 

The children felt mixed emotions from being nervous as they were going to meet new people to being excited because they were giving away cards and snacks that they proudly made. They learned that everybody has a part to play in our community and no job is insignificant. Children shared that when they cross paths with these Everyday Heroes, they would greet them with a smile.

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