Deepa Bhatt

Khalsa Kindergarten

Deepa Bhatt
15 May

Khalsa Kindergarden <br/># Fight Against Covid 19 # Appreciate Frontline Workers <br/>#SG United-Part 2

Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) in Khalsa Kindergarten

Khalsa Kindergarten has launched the Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) of the title “A Caring and Inclusive Society for All” on the 1st of April 2020. All the levels, the Kindergarten 2’s, Kindergarten 1’s and the Nursery’s took part in the launch too. The teachers were also there to join in the fun.

All children were involved in different activities in preparation for the SSDB. The Nursery children showed a lot of enthusiasm and were looking forward to the activities that have been planned for them. They learnt the theme song, “Are you scared of Coronavirus” in sync with the current situation of the Coronavirus epidemic that has happened globally around the World. While singing the song, they happily and eagerly did the 8 steps procedure of washing hands guided by the class teachers. They were also engaged in making handprints with paints on mahjong paper while teacher observed. These handprints were then cut out to make tulips to design a part of the SSDB banner. Children also did the decoration of the tulips with some glue and glitters. Children were very excited, and they expressed an overall enjoyment while they were busily engaged in the activities planned and teacher facilitated.

Thank You !! Front liners for protecting our Nation 💪 #SGUnited

SSDB Project : “Caring and Inclusive society for all”.

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