Sivananthini Vigneshwaran (Nan)

Small Wonder @ Serangoon North

Sivananthini Vigneshwaran (Nan)
29 May 2017

Jalan Kayu Community Garden - Gardening with a purpose

At Small Wonder, the children are our first priority. The children learn what they want to learn and do what they want to do. As such, the school partnered with Jalan Kayu Zone 3 Community Garden to engage our children in a more hands-on experiential learning.

It’s as usual, a pretty busy day in school. All the Kindergarten One/Two children were gearing up for their weekly trip to the community garden. The children will be making their way to the garden with the support of two teachers - by foot! The garden is conveniently located near the centre; the journey to the garden is about 15 minutes. There is a small sheltered hut near the garden where the children get to sit and rest while waiting to enter the garden. 

The caretaker of the garden, Mr Gary, has allocated a plot for the school. The plot is adopted by the centre and hence, all that grows on that plot of land, belongs to the centre! The children are tasked to do the gardening and ensure that the vegetables are growing healthily. 

The centre aims to sell these organic vegetables farmed by the children to raise funds for the Start Small Dream Big Project (SSSB). The Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project aims to involve young children in meaningful community projects for them to contribute back to the society. On the other hand, the children get to have first-hand experience in observing and growing vegetables. It encourages the children to be more observant and cultivates values such as responsibility. 

Watch this space to see our growth! See you soon ☺️

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