My First Skool @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

31 Jul 2020

Interviewing the elderly people around us.

Following their visit to the Woodlands Eldercare, the K2 children had a discussion about the elderly and posed some questions regarding their visit.

They did a reflection on their visit and shared how they felt.

Children wanted to know more about the elderly people around them and we agreed that it was best to ask the elderly some questions in order for them to do that. Children were curious as to how elderly people can stay healthy so that they don’t have to stay in a care home.

An interview questionnaire was created together with children. They were guided on how to conduct the interview.

They were very excited to meet some elderly who were doing some shopoing that day.

After interviewing the elderly, children went back to class and did a conclusion of the interview. They learnt that even elderly people need to eat healthy food and be engaged in games and sports in order to stay healthy! This prompted them into their next planning for the elderly in Woodlands Care home.

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