Aeria Teo Kimberly Christine

Bethel Day Care Centre

Aeria Teo Kimberly Christine
30 Aug 2019

Interviewing the Construction Workers

With the success of the Launch Party, our children and teachers were excited to continue on their SSDB journey with another special group of people! With a stroke of serendipity, we had some construction workers who were carrying out some renovation works in our school compound. The K1 and K2 children then took this opportunity to find out more about the workers. After a discussion on how they would like to interact with the workers, the children decided that they would hold an interview session with them.

Before the interview, the children gathered together in the K2 classroom to brainstorm questions that they had for the workers. Armed with a camera and a microphone, the children approached the workers and started their interview! The workers were more than willing to answer the children’s queries. There were even moments of miscommunication which resulted in bursts of laughter from everyone.

The interview session was an insight to the lives of the construction workers and how difficult it was for them to hold a job in a foreign country. Some of the children were also very satisfied with the answers that they received and expressed understanding of how difficult it was for the workers. 

The children were given the chance to learn simple greetings in Bengali such as, “Please” and “Thank you” from the workers. Smiles were reflected on the workers’ faces as they heard the children attempting to echo the greetings. 

It was a meaningful afternoon that allowed the children to get more comfortable conversing and interacting with the workers.

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