Roslinda Isni

Assyakirin Mosque Kindergarten

Roslinda Isni
1 Aug

''I Want to Help'' SSDB Food Donation Drive

Our little ones really showed that they wanted to help! The food drive went well and the children were able to set up the area for the food drop off point. They put up the signs as well as the containers for it.

Children setting up the drop off area for the food drive.

The food donation drive involved children across all levels. Everyone showed their generosity and children learned about helping the less fortunate. They were so proud and delighted to have brought food items for the food drive.

Children placing their contributions into the containers.

After 2 weeks of food contributions, we finally closed our event. Children then proceeded to produce a ‘’Thank You’’ memo for everyone who contributed.

Showing their appreciation through ‘’Thank You’’ memos.

This journey has taught children a lot about sharing and contributing to the community. They also learned about partnership and working together with others in the community they live in towards helping the less fortunate.

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