Samantha Esther Madarang Baria

E-Bridge Pre-School (Montreal Link)

Samantha Esther Madarang Baria
22 Sep

How Gardening helps our Kindergarten 1 children

Gardening helps our Kindergarten 1 children to gain gardening opportunities and one of them is to learn about responsible behaviour. The children know the time required and the frequency to water the plants and pluck the weeds. Together as a class, the children learnt to work closely with one another and embracing teamwork and also opportunities to instill collective responsibility. These actions can be seen when the children were responsible for digging holes, placing the sprouts into the holes, covering the seeds with soil, watering the plants and harvesting the Pak Choi.

The children were excited to eat the vegetables that they had grown and shared them with the people in school and our school pets.

As an extension of purposeful learning, the Kindergarten 1 class held a Pizza Making Day and used the plants that they have harvested from our garden. They used Basil and Pak Choi to make a healthier version of pizza.

Seeing the fruits of their labour makes them feel capable, competent and instill kindness as they get to share them with others. It also gives them a sense of purpose and accomplishment, which raises their self-esteem.

As it gets nearer to the end of our Gardening Project, it opens up another opportunity for other classes in our school and also people in the community to care and share. We also invited Sembawang Town Council, our parents and some honoured guests to join us in our Opening-Cutting Ceremony on 29 September 2022 to celebrate our garden. We hope to continue to grow the fruits and plants in the garden and extend our sharing to our community for many years to come and keep the gardening spirit alive!

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