Mrs Serene Chang

Zion Bishan Kindergarten

Mrs Serene Chang
3 Oct 2020

How Do Our Vegetables Grow? (K2 Classes)

30 September 2020 - Children love the great outdoors - they can get their daily dose of Vitamin D, breathe in the fresh air and observe the wonderful world around them. Gardening can heighten all senses in children and offers many fun and interesting opportunities for teaching them invaluable lessons.

The K2 children were filled with amazement when they observed how tall the Bayam vegetables have grown in just a span of two weeks! They gained understanding that plants require sunlight, water and nutrients for growth.  They excitedly measured the height of the Bayam vegetables, felt the texture of the leaves, learned about the function of roots and fancied the brightly green coloured leaves right before their eyes. 😍




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