Julia Bte Amir

My First Skool @ Pasir Ris Blk 234/ 487/ 486

Julia Bte Amir
24 Jul 2018

Hopping on the Start Small, Dream Big bandwagon

The Kindergarten 1s from My First Skool Pasir Ris 2 have joined in the good cause of Start Small, Dream Big. The children discussed and shared their knowledge and the experiences they’ve had with anything related to ‘Start Small, Dream Big’. Most have shared about “the little seeds when we plant and give water, they will grow and be a big tree!”


With the care and love we give to the little seedlings, the actions will bring bigger achievements, and in this case, it is the big tree. Just like when we start from something small and follow through consistently, it will be a bigger and positive impact, where the people and/or environment will benefit from. These precious children have somehow understood the most simple meaning of the project and were really excited in embarking on it.

Here’s to living up to our class name, Loving Lion K1!

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