Ana Angeli

E-Bridge Pre-School (Fernvale)

Ana Angeli
24 May 2022

Hooked on Books Launch Party 2022

The N2 – K2 children of E – bridge Fernvale launched the SSDB Project entitled “Hooked on Books!”. This is in collaboration with our chosen community partner, National Library Board (NLB). The “literacy-enriched” project will expose children to different ways of enjoying their interaction with books like exploring the library, different book genres, elements of a story and later on publishing their own story book.

Last 6th of May, our dear bookworms came to school wearing a costume of their favourite character from a storybook. They shared events from the story and why they desired the character they were wearing. They were encouraged to ask and answer questions regarding the book they shared.

After the Show and Tell portion, children were invited to showcase their costumes through a Fashion Show. They flaunted their favourite and hand-made costumes with their teachers and friends while walking in the aisle.

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