Linda Wah Lai Koo

Kampong Kapor Methodist Church Kindergarten

Linda Wah Lai Koo
9 Jul

Healthy Living Healthy Me

During this critical period of Pandemic circumstances, not only do we have to be vigilant, but also to stay safe by washing our hands often and stay away from the crowd. We also need to stay healthy to keep our body in good condition.

How do we keep healthy?

This year 2020, Kampong Kapor Methodist Church Kindergarten decided to inculcate the importance of “Healthy Living Healthy Me” concept to the students. Not only we want the children to stay safe at home and in school, we also want them to understand how to eat healthily and exercise to keep fit. It is important to keep ourselves healthy so that together we can fight Covid -19 virus as a nation.

Exercising is one of the best practices that we can impart to the children as they grow older. Having an active lifestyle has shown health benefits both physically and mentally. In relation to our SSDB project for this year, the K1 children incorporated some exercise routines to the “I am Healthy” song to show awareness of the healthy food that we must eat.

Besides exercising to keep fit, the children were encouraged to eat healthily. They were asked what healthy food they have at home and then to share their recipes. The children went back and discussed with their parents what are the recipes, using a variety of healthy ingredients.

The children shared some of the Healthy recipes that they discussed with their parents at home. Some of the recipes that we collected are the 10 Minutes Tofu Scrambled, Filipino Chicken Bistek, Yoghurt with Fruits and Healthy Oats Snack. They presented it to the class and shared the healthy ingredients that they used in this recipe.

We discussed about the healthy food. The children were exposed to a variety of food which they need to eat more or less.

The gigantic healthy plate allowed them to know how much they can eat and how were the food categorized accordingly.

We used “My Healthy Plate” magnetic board as an activity for the children to understand better the importance of eating healthily. My Healthy Plate show us what a healthy, well balanced meal should look like. The magnetic board visually represents the correct proportions of the different food groups.

We also played some games about “My Healthy Plate” by sorting out the cards according to its correct food group.

The children wore a Health Ambassador sash and sworn a pledge that they will nourish themselves with healthy food and drinks; eat moderately; cut-out junk food; and help their family to learn the importance of healthy eating habits.

The children showed their uniqueness and creativity in making a Healthy Eating Slogan. Everyone came up with different drawings and then decorated it with fruits and vegetables.

After some knowledge of what are the healthy food to eat healthily, we sat down to design a recipe of our own. After much discussion and debating, we crafted out a recipe called “ Salmon Potato Sandwich”

This “Salmon Potato Sandwich” consists of

-Salmon Tuna

-whole grain bread


-peas, corn and carrot

-salt and pepper

The children were very excited to try out this new recipe. They were asked to design another recipe at home.

We made use of social media such as Google and YouTube to do our research and sourced out for more recipes online.

The children designed another dessert recipe called the “ Pop Pop Popsicle”

The ingredients for this recipe are

Fruits ( banana, blue berries , strawberries)

Greek Yogurt

Materials are:

Ice mold

Ice cream sticks

The children wanted to try this simple recipe at home with their families. We also encouraged them to share what they had done at home and would like them to send us some pictures to the school.

The children tried out the recipe that we had discussed. They were very excited with the outcome of the sandwich. We made some changes along the way and also brainstormed on how we can improve.

We made use of this session to inculcate good eating habits and encourage them to add in a variety of vegetables, protein and fiber to their daily meal-times.

The children had a hands-on activity during the cookery session. They want to see how their sandwich would turn out to be. It turned out to be what they had expected, and it is golden brown!

The children were glad to see how crispy their sandwich turned out to be. They exclaimed that the food is very yummy and delicious!

They were very satisfied with the food and the children couldn’t wait to share this with the younger children in the school.

The children also suggested to put the bread into the toaster instead of using a frying pan to fry the bread.

After we toasted the bread in the toaster, the sandwich turned out to be like a mini pizza bread! They could not wait to share this mini pizza bread with the rest of the teachers and their friends in the school.

Their friends and teachers commented that it was very delicious. The children were surprised to receive so many positive comments.

The K1 class came up with a recipe that they wanted to try. The children suggested to create a “Healthy Fruity Yogurt” and add different kind of fruits. We discussed all the ingredients that we wanted to use in this recipe such as small bananas, strawberries, blueberries, apples, raisins, oats, corn and Greek yogurt.

We made sure that the food preparation is hygienic during our cookery session. We washed our hands and put on gloves when handling the food. The children learned some skills in cutting fruits using the plastic knife given to them. This experience helped them to improve their fine motor skills and they showed carefulness as they cut the fruits.

The children mixed all the fruits in a bowl and added the Greek yogurt. They layered the oats and the mixed fruits with yogurt in a plastic cup. This activity is quite challenging for them but they managed to follow the instructions and fill their cup up to the top. In the end, they used the sliced bananas as a topping and sprinkled it with dried raisins.

After a few hours of chilling the “Healthy Fruity Yogurt” in the fridge, the children were excited as they tried their own recipe for the very first time. It was amazing to see that the children enjoyed eating this kind of healthy food. All of them mentioned that the food is very tasty and they loved the mixed fruits. They were encouraged to share this healthy recipe with their family members at home.

Hooray for a job well done !

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