Miss Teo

Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten

Miss Teo
24 Oct 2020

(GSCKG) Healthy Ocean Healthy Us - Activity 1: What happened to our marine life animals and their habitat?

Children begin their project by exploring and discovering the harmful effect of fishing nets left in the fishermen’s ocean. They had observed how the sea creatures got trapped and entangled by the fishing net as they swim around in the sea, which led them not to survive.

Through fun activities like “What’s wrong with the picture?” The children played the detectives’ role as they used the magnifying glass to look for the possible threats that harmed marine life and circled them. After doing so, the children shared what they had discovered from the poster and why they think it was a threat.

At the end of the lesson, children came out with different ideas and solutions - to prevent such threats from happening again; and improve the marine life habitat and sea creatures.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank S.E.A.A for the fun and meaningful resources provided.

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