Maye Yong

M.Y World @ Bidadari Alkaff Vista

Maye Yong
25 Aug 2023

Growing green beans

The childrne learned about how food sustainability. They grew their own green beans to learn more about how much resources are needed to grow vegetables. Through growing the green beans, the children learned more about sustainable farming. 

After watering and caring for their green beans, the children harvested the beans and prepared it for cooking. They plucked and cleaned their bean sprouts. 

After preparing the bean sprouts, they selected a recipe to cook the bean sprouts. The childrne selected making a bean sprout pancake. 

Throughout the whole process, the children learned that food is precious and it takes a lot of effort to make different foods. The childrne learned to appreciate where their food comes from and not to waste food. They also learned that they can contribute to sustainable farming by growing simple vegetables like bean sprouts at home.

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