Valerie Loh

Our Juniors Global Schoolhouse Pte Ltd @ Ubi

Valerie Loh
7 Jul

Grow Your Love during Circuit Breaker

As we entered the circuit breaker, Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse@UBI continued to collaborate with our parents and children to carry on the fun and learning we always have in the class. The children and parents had embarked on their journey to healthy eating by growing their own plants such as water grown onion (K2), garlic (K1), bok choy and carrot tops (Nursery and PN) and green beans (PG)!

The activities bridged the engagement and the responsibilities to take care of the their plants and appreciate the many benefits that we can gain such as healthy eating benefits of homegrown plants, food sustainability and beauty they can provide in our home.

Most importantly, the activities revolving around Grow Your Love involves many other learning areas such as numeracy (bean counting or measurement), discovery of the world (nature boat, what plants need to grow, ways of growing plants, etc), Aesthetics and Creative (sun catcher, drawing, sunflower art), Motor skills (Garden Yoga, song and dance), Social and Emotional skills (responsibility, appreciation) and lastly Language and Literacy (show and tell, cookery, reading and writing).

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