Teacher Syahida

Greenland Childcare @ Punggol Drive

Teacher Syahida
9 Jul

Greenland Childcare @ Punggol Drive In-Kind Donation for Dormitory Workers

After hearing upon the needs of the dormitory workers from SG Accident Help Centre

(SGAHC), we kick started SSDB with in-kind donation on 19 June 2020.

Prior to the event, the children were briefed through about the current situation of the workers in class. They went home and shared with their parents on how they can help these workers. According to some parents feedback, their children took the initiative to follow their parents to supermarket to purchase the items they want to donate. Within one week, we gathered tons of dried food such as cup noodles, biscuits, coffee mix, canned food and etc from families and staff too. These contributions were donated to SGAHC on 26 June 2020 to aid the dormitory workers. Hours before SGAHC came down to our centre to collect the items, the teachers checked the expiry date of the dried food and re-packed them nicely in boxes and bags to facilitate the delivery.

The parents were very supportive in this in-kind donation. Not only the parents but the staff were also impressed by the compassion that the children have towards these workers through this event. This is something that is very commendable about the children.

Glad to see the value of care and compassion blossoming !

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