Kelly Chua

Appleland Playhouse

Kelly Chua
30 Sep 2021

Gratitude Cards and Tree

During this pandemic, the front-liners and essential workers have been a vital support for everyone. Our Kindergarten Two children made heart-warming cards to dedicate to people of different occupations.

During the class discussion, the K2 children brainstormed together who they would like to thank and what they would like to write in their cards. With the help of the teachers, they came up with sweet thank you messages. They also drew cute human drawings of the individuals they would like to thank, such as doctors, bus captains, teachers and more! After completing the cards, they made a tree, hung their cards on it and presented them to the class.

The tree symbolises life and growth, that we will keep moving forward, persevere and grow. The leaves represents the children, as they fill up the tree, spreading love and bringing warmth to everyone in the community. Their cards are little voices showing their gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you to all front-liners and essential workers for your tremendous efforts, hard work and sacrifices made for all of us. Stay safe!

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