Nur Hafizah Yahya

Learning Vision @ Changi Airport

Nur Hafizah Yahya
22 Jul 2019

Getting hands-on experiences for our fund-raising event...

Giving is not just about making donations. It is about making a difference   By: Kathy Calvin - President and CEO of United Nations

Kidz Fiesta is an annual big event held by Learning Vision @ Changi Airport to raise funds for Mercy Relief, one of our community partners!  This year, it will be held once again at Changi Airport Recreation Club in the month of September.

Prior to Kidz Fiesta, the children had hands-on experiences on the food that they will be selling on that day.

Some of the highlights of the food that the children will be selling.  You can expect a variety of food such as sushi, fruit salad, yogurt parfait, aglio olio, spaghetti bolognese, sweet and savoury prata.

Look forward to more updates on our charity event!

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