Ms. Charmaine Vargas Malunao

Spring Brainy Kidz @ Sims

Ms. Charmaine Vargas Malunao
26 Oct 2020

Garden of Joy in Bloom

As a child, we are like a growing plant! Our little friends from Playgroup and Nursery 1 are also our great help, they are our helping hands. They also have schedule to water and take good care of our Garden of Joy. As they experience and see how the plants grow each passing day, the children were thought of the idea that all living things grow, and likewise, plants also change as they progress throught their life cycle. Their life begins as a seed, and as they sprout and grow, they require certain resources to aid them. Like human beings, they also have needs. For us, we need water, food, shelter and many more, for the plants they need water, soil, air and sunlight. 

A child and a growing plant have a lot of similarities, let us help them grow beautifully.

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