Kwee Li Si

Little Footprints Preschool (AMK)

Kwee Li Si
18 Jul 2017

Fundraising Sale 2017 for SPCA

It’s finally time for the children to setup the room for all their hard DIY handmade craft to put to sale.

They were all excited to help setting up their stalls. They knew exactly which items to put at which spot without needing their teachers to tell them what to do.

They rehersaled a few times with their teachers on what to say when a customer comes. At 4pm children were all ready to showcase their products. The wait for customers to come were a little long, some kept asking why there were no customer.

Finally, when the first customer came, children were so excited and they started to use all their techniques that they learned to sell their products.

At the end, the sales went well. We earned quite a good profit that day for the SPCA. Children learned a lot from this sale. They learned to greet customers, using lots of courtesy words such as “Please” and “Thank You”. They also learned how to use a calculator to help them count their money. They were taught to identify the values of the different notes and coins. Most importantly, they built up their confidence by approaching a stranger to sell their products.

The profit was not important for the children, the learning process that they had learned is definitely more valuable than what they have earned.

Team LFP AMK, the teachers are so proud of you! Good job everyone!

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