Nurul Athirah Binte Hazmi

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Keat Hong Blk 435 (CC)

Nurul Athirah Binte Hazmi
7 Aug 2020

From Waste to Wonders - A Recycling Initiative by PCF Sparkletots @ Keat Hong Blk 435

We started off our SSDB journey with a brainstorming session by the K1s and K2s. Earlier in the year, the children had already participated in a separate mini project about recycling and were excited to continue the theme for the rest of the year. 

The aim of this project is to teach the children about recycling, food sustainability and food resilience. The children will create their own garden using recycled materials and scraps from the kitchen to grow their own garden! We are aiming to create an eco-friendly garden with as little ‘new’ or ‘fresh’ materials or ingredients as possible. 

If all goes well, this project will culminate in a mini-fundraiser through the sales of the potted vegetable plants. The amount raised will be donated to the Community Chest. 

The K1 children were inspired by a book that was read to them titled Christopher’s Bicycle. Christopher’s Bicycle is book about recycling. They loved how Christopher managed to inspire his friends to recycle and to turn waste into wonders! 

We then put our thinking caps on and brainstormed about the project! Here, the K1s and K2s contributed ideas and brainstormed about what the project and recycling meant to them. 

The K1s proceeded to draw what recycling meant to them, using in their own terms and ideas! 

Meanwhile, the K2s wrote about the importance of recycling! 

Here, the K2s are posing in front of their finished mindmap, ready and raring to start with the project ahead! 

We’ll end this post with a video created by the K1s that illustrated their first day on this project! 

Stay tuned for our more updates on our project! 🥳

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