Goh Huey Ling

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Whampoa Blk 85 (DS)

Goh Huey Ling
27 May

Friends of Pedro and the Zoo ~ Is Pedro a fish or a mammal?

Our children started their project to learn more about Pedro and other marine animals. The children began the activity by making a headband using recycled material for their role play game. Next, the children had a discussion about the characteristic of fish and mammal. With teacher’s facilitation, the children derived that mammals cannot breathe underwater while fish can. Having derived this difference between fish and mammal, the children then took turns to role-play a specific marine animal and sorted themselves into the two groups. Through this activity, the children also found out that Pedro is a mammal and is not the only marine mammal that lives near or in the ocean.

Here are some photographs of this activity. The children can’t wait to find out more about Pedro in their next activity!

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