Agape Little Uni. @ Thomson

Agape Little Uni. @ Thomson

Agape Little Uni. @ Thomson
2 May

Friends of Captain Green: SSDB Project Launch

Titled Friends of Captain Green, this initiative aims to nurture stewards of the environment by empowering our children to make simple changes in their daily routines that can impact the environment positively. 

The children learnt about the impact of various human activities on the environment and were inspired to create positive change in school, as well at home!

During their research, the children learnt that cleaning agents frequently used during this pandemic climate not only impact their health negatively, but are also hazardous for the environment. As such, they resolved to find alternative cleaning solutions that are safe for children to use, as well environmentally friendly!

Stay tuned to journey along with the children as they research, investigate and come up with solutions!

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