Boholst Suzane Germata

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yio Chu Kang Blk 644 (KN)

Boholst Suzane Germata
30 Aug 2019

Food Waste Reduction Ambassadors ( Closure)

Our SSDB project started last April. Our project focuses on food waste reduction. In a span of 16 weeks, our K1 students consist of 39 students together with their parents did various activities such as cookery session, poster and flyers making, coffeeshop visitation and food donation drive.

For our closure, we brought the children to the nearby coffeeshops to confidently convey their message to others. They gave out the flyers that they have made and talked to those people eating in the coffeeshop to explain why saving food is very important. 

Through this project, the children became more responsible and aware in food waste management. They learnt the importance of saving food and they have become food waste reduction ambassadors who knows how to “Think,Give, Forget Waste”.

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