Ms Jeannie Anne Salve Alvarez Luces

Spring Brainy Kidz @ Ubi

Ms Jeannie Anne Salve Alvarez Luces
8 Oct 2020

Food From The Heart: Food Donation Drive

How blessed are the people who will receive the foods and how generous are the hearts of the people who shared what they have.

We had a mini activity lesson for the children about people who are living in the third world countries. These people have limited resources of their needs for their everyday living. We also shared to them that here in Singapore, we have children who are not like them that has parents to buy what they need, to give the toys that they want and food that they like to eat. In the activity, we wanted them to instill the value of giving and sharing. And one of the ways is to let them inform their parents about our food donation drive.

We humbly asked our parents if they have something to share for the people who needed more help. Because of the pandemic, we really did not expect to collect much donations but surprisingly, we gathered a lot. We already handed them the donations and here are some of the photos of our children holding their donations.

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