Little Footprints Preschool (AMK)

30 Apr 2018

FLUTTER WITH ME - SSDB Launch Party 2018

We can’t wait to get working on our project this year which belong to the theme on saving endangered animals. Did you know that butterflies are in fact endangered and may become extinct if they keep losing habitats and face other dangers? These fragile friends are important to our ecosystem and all of us from Little Footprints AMK have geared up to do our part in making a difference

We had our launch party last Friday, 27th April 2018. To get the children to be in line with the topic, they had their face painted with butterflies by one of our very own talented teacher, Ms Vidya. The parents of the Kindergarten classes were introduced to the objectives and project plans. Ms Tana, the Kindergarten 1 teacher shared our findings and informed the parents about what are some of the activities that we will be involved in as we embark on our SSDB journey. She also shared how they can be involved in the project along with their child too. A slide show containing all the details was shared to show a better insight of the project plan.

Next, children watch a video on how to create habitats and care for butterflies. One of the project plan is to create a mini garden in school consisting of host plants and nectar plants. Children were thrilled to watch and learn on how they also can work with the teachers to care for butterflies.

A hat ceremony was accompanied next as our Principal Ms Vicky handed each child their SSDB hat. All the children were informed of the responsibility that they were going to take upon with the project. The hat ceremony sparked the children’s interests and united them in orange as they pledged to contribute and participate in this project together as one.

With a countdown and a party popper which filled the ambience with confetti, the project was officially launched in school. Parents interacted with the teachers and with other parents to share their thoughts about the project while enjoying some refreshments. We all had a great time with a successful launch party and are looking forward to our SSDB journey this year.

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