Gladys Malunes

Carpe Diem MI Preschool Pte Ltd (SSDB)

Gladys Malunes
16 Nov 2023

Finale: Fund Raising Day at Carpe Diem MI Preschool

Last 28th September 2023, we have invited our parents to visit our centre and join us on our fundraising event for our elderly at Ling Kwang Home.

We were thrilled to present to them the handmade items especially made by the children from Playgroup to K2. Both K1 and K2 worked hand in hand to take the role in selling and promoting the items to the parents.

This activity aimed to instill in our children the sense of compassion and empathy to others, most especially to our elderly in the community.

We were so grateful for all the support and generosity that parents have given us to make this project a success! A total of $1000 has been collected and donated to our elderly from Ling Kwang Home last 23rd October 2023.

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