Ms Cheryl

Brilliant Tots @ Kelulut

Ms Cheryl
22 Sep

Every little GREEN counts!

Love green , save green! A better environment welcomes to a better tomorrow!

This year, Brilliant Tots @ Jalan Kelulut focuses on the theme “ Caring for the Environment” . Following our catch phrase “ Every little GREEN counts”, we are more than excited to work with our little children on on our little contributions on what we can do to help save our Mother Earth!

Our children were introduced to different ways in helping to save the Earth. And after discussion, it was agreed that what better ways they can do to help our Earth stay green? Planting & Gardening is one of them! And so, we embarked on our little Vegetable Gardening… 🥦🥬🌶🍆

From planting seeds, to watering and caring for their plants, helps our little ones understand the concept of food and where it comes from.

Through growing their own vegetables, our little ones will learn about the processs of farming, which opens up to many other potential conversations and discussions like:

“ How long do you think this Kang Kong takes to grow?”

“ What will happen if we did not water them daily?”

“ What if we over-water them?”

“ How tall do you think our plant is now?”

“ Do you think it’s enough for us to whip up a meal? 😋

And so, with their involvement in potting and planting their own little garden of vegetables, not only do their learn to care for their plant, our little ones learn to take some ownership and responsibility too! Going green in small meaningful ways is definitely one of the best ways to connect with nature!

Stay tuned for more stories on their green adventure!

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