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Skool4Kidz Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park

Alya Insyirah
2 Jul

Every drop counts! - World Water Day 2022 (22 March 2022)

SKC celebrated world water day on the 22nd of March 2022! The children were exposed to the importance of saving water, how to conserve water as well as how to reuse water for different purposes. With this event, we want to raise awareness and inspire children and the people in our community about world-related issues and the ways we can take action to make a difference for our earth.

The children were introduced to simple concepts of water and water conservation through meaningful and valuable hands-on activities.

Children were seen engaged and focused with the stories of saving water being read by the teachers. During this activity, the children were encouraged to ask more questions and demonstrate how and why we need to conserve water and how it will affect us people if we do not have water?

Children danced and played musical instruments to the song “Turn of the Tap” as an activity during the celebration. This is to develop their awareness of conserving water.

Children explored and discovered the usage of water through hands-on activities.

The K2 and K1 children conducted simple water-related experiments to deepen their understanding of water and importance of water in our world.

Our N2s also participated in this event where they make a water droplet artwork by wetting crepe paper to create unique prints. Wonderful job N2s!

A video presentation showcasing all the meaningful activities of the children from infant to K2, documenting on the different things they learnt during “Water Wednesday” was shared with families and friends to inspire them as well to take action to contribute to water sustainability. 

Caring for water is caring for us all. So let’s do our part in saving water!

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